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Sam and Jerry on Rainbow's End with Pia between them

Sharon and Larry on Epiphany

Penny poker night on Viking Rose
Jerry, Larry, Sam and Sharon
A good time was had by all.

Highborne Marina has a table for cleaning fish.  One afternoon when the fishermen returned and were cleaning their catch, they threw the remains into the water.  Sharks apparently accustomed to this routine congregated in the three-foot water to feed.  The sharks were so big and the water so shallow that their fins were breaking through the water as they circled and viciously attacked the heads, tails, backbones, and guts cast into the water.  Amongst the sharks was a four-foot grouper trying to get his share of scraps. 

Our next stop was Norman's Cay,  an island, like many others, with an air strip for small planes.  Noriega and Leder used this as the Bahamian base for their drug smuggling ventures.  One plane didn't make it and lies in eight feet of water in the harbor.  Slowly disintegrating, the cockpit was already eaten away by the salt water.  Its tail section, body, and wings were still intact in 2000.

The water is gorgeous, hues of greens and blues.  Hundreds of islands in the Exumas have shallow water around them with strong currents from the Atlantic ripping between them.  Anchorages are usually tucked into pools of deeper water close to the island.

Partially sunken plane shot down in drug war with U.S. DEA

Idyllic sand island at Norman's Cay

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