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Jekyll Harbor Marina where we spent several days.  They had wireless internet and free bikes to tour the island.  A great stay!

In 1998, we spent 9 weeks at nearby St. Simons Island and met some lovely people, one of whom was Dolly Jones. Dolly and her daughter Sandy came to visit us at Jekyll this trip.  Cruising is meeting up again with good friends.


The Jekyll Island Club National Historic Landmark has 33 structures which were built from 1886-1942, including a club house, cottages, church, dorms, and support facilities.  John Eugene Dubignon started buying up the land on Jekyll Island, at first thinking he would farm and live a rural life as his family had done.  Instead, he began to consider a real estate venture of buying all the land, selling it to a hunting club, and then offering exclusive memberships to wealthy northerners.    Dubignon's brother-in-law was instrumental in founding the hunting club and enticing the wealthy to join.  Jekyll was to be different from other hunting clubs since women would be included in all the activities.  Although no woman was a founding member, women were allowed to serve on the club's executive committee.

The Jekyll Island Club opened in January 1888.  At first, guests stayed at the club house but soon began building their own "cottages" which were very large houses, at first without kitchens since they ate at the Club.  Guests came south by private yachts or private train cars and then ferry to the island.

The last active year was 1942 as World War II occupied people's time and minds for a few years after that.  After the war, in 1946, state officials began to talk of acquiring the island for a public park.  The Club resisted, but the island was subsequently condemned and purchased for $675,000 on October 4, 1946, becoming a park available to the general public.  It is now The Jekyll Island Club National Historic Landmark.

Exterior views  of The Jekyll Island Club

Interior views of The Jekyll Island Club

The dining room

Tropical flower arrangement in the dining room

The patio

Tours of The Jekyll Island Club are conducted by train and by horse-drawn carriage.

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