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In addition to shopping and repairs, there are two must-see places in Nassau.  The first is the aquarium at the new Atlantis Hotel.  The size of these tanks is unbelievable.  On one side, the main tank curves around the perimeter of the lobby, functionally serving as the wall for the hotel lobby while providing a view of marine life. On the other side of the tank, the aquarium is a tunnel through which you walk, decorated here and there with artifacts from the lost continent of Atlantis, old diving suits, a submarine, charts, etc. The main tank is 2-3 stories high and as wide as a large room.  Along each side of the tunnel wall are smaller, single-room sized aquariums, one packed with lobsters, the one next to the bar with piranhas, another with green Moray eels poking their heads out of clay urns, two more with different types of jelly fish.  Seeing these creatures so close with good light allows you to observe them for a period of time instead of just seeing them in passing as when snorkeling.  The jellyfish were diaphanous, undulating in the water. 

The older Atlantis Hotel has another aquarium.  I frankly enjoyed that one more because you walk in a tunnel underneath the swimming sea life.  The rays float along and you see their undersides.  The most fascinating was the sawbill shark which has a flat bill, flatter than a duck's, with spikes or teeth all around the bill, resembling a chain saw.  There was both a male and a female, each easily identifiable.  There were other sharks and fish and a 600 pound grouper, also known as a jewfish.  The fish in the established tank were larger than those in the new tanks.  An added advantage to the older aquarium was that they were outdoor ponds and pools with viewing areas underneath as well as from the top as you walked over bridges and peered over ledges.  I cannot do justice describing these incredible tanks any more than I could do justice to the colors of the Bahamian water.  Come see for yourself!  The Atlantis is very expensive so you might want to stay somewhere else and just go visit the tanks.  We went at 8:00 am before any good tourist is up so no one asked if we were staying at the hotel.  We walked downtown, ate lunch, and did the Straw Market.

Lighthouse at entrance of Nassau Harbor

Bob with his original creation of
sea glass and driftwood wind chime

Bob socializing at Nassau Yacht Haven with
Sam and Jerry, Larry and others

Bob with artifacts at Atlantis Hotel

Atlantis Hotel
Michael Jordan rented the elevated suite  between the two wings of the hotel for $25,000 a night

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