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A campaign to "believe" in Baltimore was in evidence all over the city.  Banners were on buildings and notices in publications.

A three-section mural painted on a building distinguishes  believers and future believers contrasted with reason to believe showing broken boarded windows with pregnant girl.

This family of ducks cruised the docks looking for food.

A live-aboard at the end of the dock was a part-time dock master fond of flamingoes and palm trees.  At night, people would walk the brick quay past the marina to look at his tropical lights and decorations.

Firefighting boat


A wide brick walkway surrounds the U-shaped harbor lined with bars, restaurants, and retail shops.  Baskets of colorful flowers hang from lampposts and you can enjoy live entertainment most afternoons with music in the evenings.  Paddleboats rock gently at the dock, waiting to be rented.  Runners navigate around people wandering aimlessly along the quay.

Fountain with frolicking dolphins

Water taxis take you up and down each side of the harbor and to Fells Point and Fort McHenry.  One price lets you ride all day.

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