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Once through the canal, you see the more touristy side of the island facing toward Puerto Rico.  There are souvenir shops along the quay and a ferry dock.  Some people fly into the small airport, but most come by ferry from Puerto Rico.

Tourist shops are painted colorful tropical shades.  Joan bought
a beautiful larimar bracket at this particular shop.

We took the ferry to Fajardo on mainland Puerto Rico for a day trip while waiting for weather for the next passage.  As we stood on the street corner trying to decide what to do, a car pulled up.  It was Jorge from the sailboat Pursuit with whom we had socialized at Maremares.  He took us to his lovely home where we visited for a while with his lovely wife Isabelle.  Then they took us to a Cuban restaurant for lunch and  back to the ferry dock.  What nice people!

An intersection with Highway 250!  People returning to the ferry terminal must walk along the dusty streets torn up for major construction.

We visited here to use their internet almost daily.

The United States Post Office in Culebra.

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