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We stayed four nights at Treasure Cay, a resort with gorgeous beach and a nice area to walk around.  We did necessary tasks such as laundry, grocery shopping, and phone calls, then moved on to Marsh Harbor.  The trip there was the first time we could sail without motoring.  The wind was 17 to 24 and we put out all three sails.  It was great to turn the engine off and enjoy the quiet of sailing.  Of course, it was great to turn the engine on, once we approached the harbor.

Entering the harbor was quite daunting since there were probably 200 boats facing us, many in three marinas and scores of others anchored.  Bob found a good location near the entrance of the channel where the water was cleaner than in the back of the harbor.  Marsh Harbor has almost anything you want…for a price. Sometimes you can find a bargain, but not often. There are several grocery stores and a small produce store so we're still eating good tomatoes with the basil we're growing on the boat.  I thought the customs officer would confiscate the plants, but he didn't.  Homemade bread, homegrown tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, and a sprinkle of Romano cheese…. .outstanding.

There is much to do.  Sam and Jerry on Rainbow's End have taught us to play cribbage.  Saturday and Sunday, we went ashore in the pouring rain to the Jib Room and watched parts of the NFL play-offs. We have ridden our bikes around the island and checked out the stores.

Each morning, there is a "Cruisers' Net" on the VHF radio where you get the weather report and other information.  Newcomers are asked to introduce themselves and departures say goodbye.  One afternoon, there was a meeting of women interested in the Women On Board organization.  There's as much or as little as you want to do.  Of course, there's always something that needs to be done on the boat. Bob changed the jib sheets and out-haul for the main sail. (For you landlubbers, those are ropes.) He had originally planned to do scheduled maintenance on the boat, but it seems that crises and emergencies have occupied him to the extent that he hasn't been able to initiate his maintenance program.  Maybe one of these days.  Everything is in a state of breaking, even the new stuff, so maybe not.

One amusing note: Cable TV here carries the ABC feed from Channel 2 in Music City!  We saw pictures of the ice storm and cars sliding down the hill at Spence Lane and Murfreesboro Road. 

During the weeks, we have shopped, re-provisioned, gone to the dock for several days to equalize the batteries, ridden bikes, sailed to another island, and generally had a wonderful time.   

Nipper's Bar and Grill was a fun place.  Electric golf carts took us over the hill to the beach for swimming  and hanging out at the bar with Nipper, the parrot.

Bob, Sam and Jerry at Nipper's with Bahamian flag

As we wandered the island, we found this beach cemetery with a tree stump facing the multi-colored Atlantic Ocean.  Bob mounted the seat for a photo.

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