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We have been told, of the 116 Westsail 42s ever built, 115 are still sailing the world.  We have personally meet six of our sisterships.  Within the industry, Westsail is well respected, considered heavily built and capable of extended offshore cruising.

VIKING ROSE is hull number 111 of 116.  The company went out of business in 1982, unable to keep up with changing times.  Bill Crealock now designs a very similar boat for the high-end boat builder Pacific Seacraft.

Our boat has sufficient space to store enough food  to feed a third-world country for a month or prevent us from starving to death for six month if we were lost at sea.

We generate our own electricity stored in ten 130 Amp hour batteries.  Electric generation is accomplished by a 200 amp engine-driven alternator.  We have a backup100 amp alternator  which may be engaged at the flick of a switch, if needed.  Auxillary power is provided by two 75 watt solar panels and a Four Winds wind generator (wind mill) that jointly produce about 150 amp hours a day in good weather conditions.  A  2500 watt inverter changes 12 volt DC electricity from the batteries to 110 volt AC, allowing  us to run the computers, microwave, TV, VCR, DVD, food processor, blender, mixer, sewing machine, power tools and occasionally the hair dryer.

Through a desalination process, our watermaker has the capability of converting sea water into 160 gallons of pure drinking water each day We hold 250 gallons in three tanks which is then filtered through two different filters before it's used.  We consume about 20 gallons per day.   Hot and cold water is pressurized electrically with hand pump backup Hot water is heated in a Stainless steel hot water tank by the engine or electrically.  We have a shower in the forward head (bathroom) and a cockpit shower which we generally use   Sinks are forward and aft with a double sink in the galley.

Two heads (toilets) are forward and aft, the aft electric and the forward manual hand pump.  Two holding tanks equipped with macerators treat the waste before discharging it into the ocean.

Basically, we have most things we had at home plus the ability to take it with us.           

Couple of early pictures of Viking Rose underway before the radar arch, dingy davits, green stripe and tinted windows.

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