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Tobago Cays is a beautiful natural setting of small islands, reefs, and exquisite water.  The government has banned the locals who used to camp out and cook for visiting boats and has begun to convert the area to a national park with rangers.  Only the tee shirt concession remains.

A huge semi-circle of reef has an island on each end, access in and out, and two islands behind with access between them.  All around are reefs and shallow water. 

We met some delightful French people at Bequia where we invited them to the Fourth of July happy hour on the beach.  At Tobago Cays on the 14th of July, they invited us to their Bastille Day happy hour.  Below, Marie Pascal, her daughter, and granddaughter 

Although Bob doesn't speak French, he enjoys sharing his magic rope  trick with the children.  Claude never mastered the trick but he had the moves. 

Windsurfers used kites to whoosh them along the water in the brisk breeze.