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There's no way to convey, by words or pictures, the feeling of being underway.  The wind, the waves, the movement of the boat,  constantly changing clouds in the sky, sails filling in the breeze. Occasionally dolphin swim along and beneath the boat, blowing air as they surface.  However, here are some pictures for a one-dimensional view of being underway.

To left, cockpit with cushions, companionway door closed.  On helm station, auxiliary GPS on left, compass in the middle, radar on right; above, three gauges, left to right, depth, wind direction and speed, and boat speed.  Gauges to the lower right of the wheel: top left for oil pressure, large middle one for RPMs, right for water temperature, bottom, from left, key, kill button and volts charging. 

Gauges showing a depth of 161 feet, wind at 20 knots, and speed at 8.1, moving right along! 

On a short passage, towing the dinghy, wind generator at top with two solar panels mounted on top of arch. 

The self-tailing winch secures the jib sheet (rope).  Fishing pole is in holder with line out.

Standing at the bow looking back at the boat, the dinghy is hoisted.  Life raft is in hard case in front of mast with boarding ladder beside.  Window air conditioner is wrapped in gray tarp and secured on deck behind the staysail.  Blue jack lines are secured, indicating a longer passage.  If we have to leave the cockpit at night or in bad weather, we attach our tether and harness to the line so we're don't accidentally go overboard.

Bob cranking in the jib with winch handle

Leaving St. Lucia early one morning, Bob adjusts the mainsail outhaul.  On radar arch, wind generator on left, solar panels in middle, and
radar on right with American flag below.

Below, the laptop interfaced with GPS and autopilot drive the boat along a course drawn with the mouse on electronic charts.  VHF radio with microphone, depth gauge, and SSB radio behind the computer screen.  On the top shelf, scanner/copier, modem for Sailmail, CD burner, and speaker.  Guidebooks are in the rack below the table.  Yellow stickies remind us of things to do and buy.  Laser printer and TV/VCR on the shelf behind.

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