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Point à Pitre is Guadeloupe's largest town.  It has several modern malls as well as quaint open-air markets and small shops.   Bus service from the marina to the downtown area is frequent and inexpensive.

The well-protected marina is located just inside the harbor entrance.  Restaurants and cafés line the waterfront with charter boats along the docks.   Nearby bakeries have baguettes and pastries.  Grocery stores have wonderful cheeses and patés.

View of full moon from Viking Rose berthed at
Port de Plaisance Marina in Point à Pitre, Guadeloupe

Fresh produce market in downtown Point à Pitre

Woman in traditional dress and headgear at fresh flower market

Fresh fish market downtown
Point à Pitre

There are actually three Carbet waterfalls but the highest is a 350 foot falls viewed after a 30-minute walk across a swinging bridge and along a path through the rainforest.

Swinging bridge leading to path  to Chute du Carbet

Another waterfall was beautiful but not as easily accessible.  Supposed to be a "picnic," it turned out to be a mudslide down a steep ravine into a gorge.    Rubber shoes were available to rent at the trailhead but we didn't realize what we were getting into until well down the path.  Then it was too late.  I just took off my sandals and walked barefooted, mud squishing through my toes.

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