The Boat


Georgia and Florida
Nov. 2004 - May 2005

Up the Potomac River to Washington, DC
August 2004

Baltimore, Maryland
July 2004

Merida, Venezuela 2003

Buenos Aires, Argentina 2004

Maremares Resort
Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela 2003-2004

ICW through the Chesapeake June 2004

Venezuela to USA
May 2004

Going Down Island 2003

St  Croix U.S. Virgin Islands 2003

Underway Margarita to
St Croix 2003

Trinidad 2002-03

Cruising 2002
February - August 

Trinidad   December 2000   

Life in Trinidad   Jan 2002                                           

Six Months of Cruising   November 2001   

Carnival in Trinidad 
February 2001   

Margarita, Venezuela 2002
September and October   

Puerto La Cruz to Trinidad
Sept-Oct 2000

Tortuga, Venezuela   
September 2000

Angel Falls, Venezuela
August 2000

Venezuela   August 2000   

Grenada   July 2000   

Tobago Cays to Carriacou   July 2000 

Bequia   June 2000   

Dominica to St. Lucia   
June 2000 

Dominica   May 2000 

Bequia to Tobago Cays
June 2000 

St. Martin to Isles des Saintes   May 2000

St. Martin   
May 2000 

St. John, Virgin Islands to
BVI May 2000

Puerto Rico   April 2000 

Puerto Rico to St.Thomas, Virgin Islands  May 2000 

Dominican Republic to
Puerto Rico   April 2000 

Dominican Republic   
March 2000   

Rum Cay to Luperon, D. R.
March 2000 

Rum Cay   February 2000 

Nassau to George Town, Exuma   January 1999 

Ft. Lauderdale, FL-Chubb Cay, Bahamas   Dec 1999 

Nassau to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida   May 1999 

Exumas   May 1999 

Nassau to Exumas   
May 1999     

Nassau   May 1999   

Eleuthra to Nassau
   March 1999     

Eleuthra   March 1999   

Marsh Harbor to Little Harbor, Abacos   Feb 1999   

St. Simons Island, Georgia to West Palm Beach, Florida   December 1998   

West Palm Beach, FL to Whale Cay, Abacos   January 1999 

St. Augustine to Jekyll Island, Georgia 
Sept 1998 

Palm Beach to St. Augustine   Sept 1998 

Marathon to Palm Beach, FL  Sept 1998   

Punta Gorda to
Marathon, FL  Sept 1998 

St. Simons Island, Georgia   Oct 1998


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Westsail Association
Bud Taplin, Westsail
Sailing Vessel Zephyr
Sailing Vessel Free Radical
D'Midas Associates Carnival Costumes
Caribbean Cruisers Safety & Security Net
The Boca  Trinidad's waterfront news paper
National Weather Service Prediction Center

Continue the adventure with the new
owners Penny and Richard Beesley.

Leaving St. Petersburg, Florida   August 1998 

It all started with talk
July 1998

"The trick is to die young,
as late as possible."
Ashley Montagu

Joan Hamner

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